The growth entrepreneur's good advice: Dream big, work hard, and get help to move forward

After four years with thousands of hours in front of the computer, the inventor of the sharing platform today has 14,000 customers. But the dream is something even bigger, and now he gets help from the EU project IværksætterDanmark to create further growth.

  • Opdateret 9. marts 2022

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The tenant saves money and the landlord earns a little on something that is not otherwise used. This is how the sharing economy platform works, which the entrepreneur Jakob Øgendahl Larsen has built up.

Here, registered users can rent or rent out tools, tools and similar equipment that are not used by the owner for large parts of the year. But Jakob does not intend to settle for that - he wants growth.

"We usually say that we are a combination of Den Blå Avis, which provides the platform, and Google, where you can apply - and that we work like Jobindex, which has everything within job advertisements. So far, it has been for private individuals, but our goal is to gather everything within sharing economy on the platform - also companies that have rentals,” explains Jakob Øgendahl Larsen.

It has already become good business for the ambitious entrepreneur from Esbjerg, who has also been spotted by others. After four years of hard work in the basement office under the private home, today has a large customer base of almost 14,000 users. An investor has invested two million kroner in the company, and Vækstfonden has provided loans to the company.

It all started as a hobby project while Jakob worked in a bank in Copenhagen. He had to use a groove cutter and wanted to rent one privately, but despite a long search on the net, there were no options. This inspired Jakob to found, Which today is Denmark's largest rental portal for private individuals.

Jakob Øgendahl Larsen:

"I was very motivated by the fact that no one had been able to create a proper platform for sharing economy before. At the same time, I could see that sharing economy became more and more popular, not least because sharing economy is the individual citizen's opportunity to contribute to a smaller climate impact. In other words, there was a market in the future. So I started. ”

The leap from hobby to business was something of a transition. Jakob Øgendahl Larsen and his family moved back to the childhood town of Esbjerg, where company premises were set up in the basement under the private home. The immediate family often comes by and gives a nap when it comes to cleaning or tidying the garden at the home of the busy entrepreneurial family.

ShareOne - business card

The business model behind simple: Landlords earn a little, and tenants save money. And both contribute to the climate relief because tenants do not have to procure new. Photo: The Danish Business Authority

Because being an entrepreneur with ambitions for growth is enormously demanding - Jakob does not hide that. He has spent many thousands of hours in front of the computer and on the phone, and in his optics it is necessary if one wants to achieve anything, he says:

"Someone runs a small business where they work 25 hours a week and then they call themselves entrepreneurs. It can be really nice, but it just doesn't hurt in the long run for me.”

He has boiled his philosophy down to three pieces of advice:

"I think you have to dream big and give it gas and not be afraid to put even many hours into your project. And then you have to remember to seek advice and sparring when needed.”

The help for Jakob's growth plan comes from IværksætterDanmark, the business houses' nationwide entrepreneurial project, which has most recently been supported with REACT-EU funds. Here, Jakob will start a Next Step course, where he will be assigned a permanent growth guide that will help clarify the company's development needs and build a concrete action plan.

Jakob Øgendahl Larsen from ShareOne

Jakob Øgendahl Larsen from ShareOne has greatly benefited from competence development, advice and sparring in the EU project IværksætterDanmark. Here he has raised his competencies in sales, and now awaits a course with a permanent consultant who will help with an action plan with a focus on further growth. Photo: The Danish Business Authority

FACTS About EntrepreneurDenmark (IvDK)

EntrepreneurDenmark is the business houses' initiative for a unifying national effort for all entrepreneurs. The overall goal of the project is to support a broad competence boost among entrepreneurs in order to increase the number of new entrepreneurs and increase their survival rate.

The EU Social Fund and the decentralized business promotions fra the Finance Act have supported IvDK with DKK 20.8 mill. and REACT-EU has supported with DKK 60 mill.

FACTS About the EU Social Fund in 2014-2020

In the period 2014-2020, the EU Social Fund, Regional Fund and Danish partners invest DKK 1 billion each year in activities that create growth and employment throughout the country.

The Social Fund program for 2014-2020 is targeted at entrepreneurship, education and social inclusion. We need more new companies and a more skilled workforce. These are crucial prerequisites for increased productivity, competitiveness and growth.

Therefore, the EU Social Fund co-finances projects to:

  • Increase entrepreneurial activity and ensure growth-oriented competence development in small and medium-sized companies
  • Promoting social inclusion - through specially designed youth educations, integration into the labor market and socio-economic enterprises
  • Strengthen vocational education, vocational education and higher education