Growth-stimulating Incubation Periods for SME's

The purpose of the project is to offer a so-called growth-stimulating incubation period for potential entrepreneurs and growth companies of no more than three years in Region Zealand. 

  • Opdateret 9. marts 2022

The incubation periods are very intensive qualifying procedures. The growth obstacles of each individual participant are examined, and new strategies are designed.

The project expects to have a total of 160 enterprises in incubation periods, and subsequently 127 of these are expected to improve their growth potential. Furthermore, 30 participants are expected to start a new enterprise. The long-term goal of the project is to achieve an increase in the survival rate of new companies of 85 percent after six months and 80 percent after two years respectively.

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The Business Development Centre Zealand is responsible for the project together with 11 municipalities in the Region Zealand.

Furthermore, a working group consisting of business schools, universities and private consultants contribute to developing the project and are also teaching the courses provided for potential growth enterprises.

The project receives an EU subsidy of € 1.2 Million from the Social Fund in 2014-2020.