The EU makes Central Jutland greener

Sika Footwear, who produces safety shoes, is located in Herning. The company was about to start a green transition of the business and quickly realised that the transition was not only about the shoes themselves, but the entire company's supply chain.

  • Opdateret 9. marts 2022

Sika Footwear received help to restructure the business through the project “Øget vækst gennem cirkulære forretningsmodeller”, which are funded with DKK 15.4 million from the EU Regional Development Fund.

The project gave Sika Footwear an overview of the company's existing green efforts, e.g., that Sika Footwear's shoes are PVC-free, and the shoes therefore contain fewer chemicals than ordinary safety shoes. But the project also opened the company's eyes to areas, which are ready for further optimisation in a more sustainable direction.

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Today, Sika Footwear therefore works purposefully to reduce the packaging for the shoes. For one of the company's customers, this means a reduction of almost 90 per cent of the cardboard packaging.

Now Sika Footwear packs ordered shoes in one large box instead of separate shoe boxes, which are placed in a large cardboard box. The company has also cut back on paper consumption for catalogues, i.e. the catalogues have become digital instead.

Both initiatives have helped the company save materials and are ultimately good for the overall CO2 emission.

Facts about the EU project

The project “Øget vækst gennem cirkulære forretningsmodeller” helps small and medium-sized companies to develop and implement circular business models in their businesses. The project helps and supports the companies' green development based on the company's own DNA and strategy.

Project information

The project runs from 28 February 2018 to 31 July 2021 and is funded with DKK 15.4 million from the EU Regional Development Fund and managed by “Den Erhvervsdrivende Fond Lifestyle & Design Cluster”.